Children learn by doing, and habits adopted from an early age are practiced throughout life. Something as simple as correct hand techniques will be massively impactful, because handwashing is a critical component in eradicating communicable diseases. And where better to start than in schools?

For over a decade, we have been presenting our school contact programs, with the aim of promoting sound hygiene practices in schools. These fun and interactive mornings include demonstrations of effective handwashing techniques, proper oral hygiene, and handing out samples of Flodent toothpaste and Germol soap to hundreds of eager children.

One of our staff members involved in the project, commented, “It’s heartening to see the kids and we really get motivated by the reaction of the school authorities, who are grateful to us.”

Our vision is to ultimately continue this program throughout Africa, as the effect on the future well-being of these children is humbling and we are inspired to be a part of that future.