Shalina Healthcare is a market leader in making quality healthcare products affordable and available across Africa. For the past 30 years and more, our brands have been in the forefront and gained credibility with the medical fraternity, pharmacists and end consumers. Due to the strength of our brands, we have always suffered from counterfeits.

Counterfeit medicines endanger life as they are substandard and contain the wrong, or inadequate or no active ingredients. As per World Health Organization (WHO), more than 120,000 people die in Africa every year as a result of fake anti-malarial drugs.

Shalina has a dedicated team who continually searches for these counterfeits and takes legal action against the offenders. Recently we had yet another successful case in India, against a company who was counterfeiting our brands in West Africa. The courts attributed damages to us and the proceeds from the claims will be donated to charity.

Shalina will continue to maintain its focus on preventing counterfeits as we are committed to provide quality pharmaceuticals across Africa.