Since its launch five years ago, the Shalina Young Talents Award (SYTA) has become a driving force in promoting and recognizing excellence in pharmacy education and practice in Nigeria. With a total of 3,347 pharmacy scholars and professionals impacted and 57 awards given across seven top universities, SYTA is lauded as the biggest hunt for the best pharmacy brains in the country. 


SYTA is one of the many value-added initiatives that we have launched to fulfill our corporate purpose of making access to quality healthcare a right for all Africans. Through SYTA, the company aims to improve pharmacy practice by organizing a national-level competition for final-year pharmacy students across Nigerian universities. 


The initiative has garnered endorsements and support from various stakeholders in the Nigerian pharmacy community, including the President and National Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Directors of Pharmaceutical Services, and Deans of the Schools of Pharmacy across the country. The National Secretary of the PSN was quoted as saying, “This is breeding better scholars, better pharmacists,” highlighting the positive impact of SYTA on the development of future pharmacy professionals. 


Season 4 of SYTA kicked off on 22 December 2022, and after several grueling rounds of competition, the final round was recently completed on 15 February 2023. The anticipation for the grand finale, where the finalists will compete for the coveted crown of national champion, is high. This event promises to continue to be a showcase of the brightest and most talented pharmacy students in Nigeria and a testament to the effectiveness of SYTA in promoting excellence in pharmacy education and practice.