Africa has an estimated 52 million orphan population. This crisis has become so prevalent that the continent now makes up 30 percent of the entire orphan population worldwide. With poverty, disease, and hunger rife, humanitarian organisations like UNICEF are working tirelessly to tackle these issues daily.

We, at Shalina Healthcare, are also on the front lines of bringing healthcare to these most vulnerable children and support their upbringing. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing quality healthcare for all Africans, we partner with and sponsor various CSR initiatives every year. Our decade-long partnership with the BUNA Foundation, a 25-year-old initiative, is one such step which involves not only free medical screening for issues like malaria, worm infestations and anaemia, but also funding for basic needs.

Our CEO, Shalina Clifford, visited the 120 orphans of the BUNA Foundation orphanage in the DRC on 9th December 2022. It was an emotional moment for Shalina to watch a little girl of 5/6 years old trying to write Shalina’s name and to experience the joy children felt during the interaction. She cares deeply about these initiatives and the interactions. Her pledge is to continue to help children in precarious environments survive and thrive.