We are pleased to launch L-Artem Forte tablets & Ibucap Forte capsules.  These launches will provide more economical options to our customers in the pain and anti-malarial therapeutic segments.

L-Artem Forte tablets are a double action anti-malarial and one of the preferred artemisinin combination therapies used across Africa for the treatment of uncomplicated multi-drug resistant malaria. The Major advantage of this product is that the dosage regimen is of 6 tablets instead of 24 tablets in the traditional dosage form leading to dosage convenience for patients and better compliance.

Ibucap Forte capsules are a more potent version of the highly popular pain reliever Ibucap, a potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic & anti-pyretic combination used for treatment of pain disorders like dental pain, headache, neuralgia, fever, rheumatism, arthritis and dysmenorrhoea.