On 4th September, Shalina opened its 17th shop in Angola at Sumbe which is the capital of Cuanza Sul province. Thus we are represented in 12 of the 18 provinces in Angola. Sumbe is 330 km south of Luanda and 132 km north of Lobito. This shop will not only serve the needs of 400,000 people living in the town but also the 2.2 million  staying in the province. Our customers welcomed the move as they would otherwise travel to Luanda or Lobito to purchase medicines and this would add to the price for the end customers.

 Mr Antonio Wenga Franco, Administrator of Sumbe inaugurated the new Shalina shop, in presence of MOH Cuanza Sul Head of Inspection – Dra Cadeth, Inspector Armando, Our Technical Director – Sr Andre Binda and Hospital/ Direccao Doctors – Dr Moniz, Dr Nelson, Dr Afonso, Dr Cardoso, Dr Nelito, Dra Francisca. The opening ceremony was covered on TPA which is a  national news channel. The administrator praised Shalina for providing employment in the province and helping reduce cost of medicines for end customers.

 All 12 Muncipios of Cuanza Sul – like Gabela, Porto Amboim, Conda, Quibala, Libolo, Mussende etc will be covered by this shop. Large customers and hospitals will be provided free delivery of medicines in the entire province from this Sumbe shop.