The 21s of January 2021 marked the culmination of three years of hard work as Casa Shalina (Shalina House) was officially opened at an inauguration ceremony attended by over 120 guests, including distinguished members of the Healthcare Industry. Located in Cacuaco, Luanda, this 10 000 square meter state-of-the-art facility is groundbreaking, with an unprecedented capacity for realizing the goal of providing quality, affordable medicine to all of the citizens of Angola, all under one roof.

The ultra-modern building boasts offices, training halls (hosting 80 people), guest apartments, a wholesale shop and a distribution center that is set to change the evolution of the local healthcare industry. With the values of creating future leaders and putting people first, the facility aims to be a talent magnet that will inspire and galvanize the Angolan Health Industry.

Casa Shalina is the flagship of a larger vision for a healthier Angola, focused around the enhancement of knowledge and skills development through an ambitious range of training & development  programmes and initiatives. The latest of these initiatives is SPEED (Shalina Professional Engagement and Education), which will be rolled out over the course of 2021, and will make use of the training facilities.

Included in the guests were Dr Delcio Pedro, Joint Administrator of Finance & Planning Of the Cacuaco Municipality, Dr Joao Nhanga – Administrator of Cacuaco – and  Dr Pratibha Parkar, Indian ambassador to Angola. Among the healthcare VIP’s were Dr Elisa Gaspar,  President of the Angola national doctors association (ORMED), Dr Santos Nicolau, President of the Angola national pharmacist association (OFFA) and Dr Paulo Luvualo, President of the Angola national nurses association (ORDENFA).

Working Together for a Healthier Angola is a core motivation of the Shalina family. Casa Shalina is the home of that vision in Angola and it is with immense pride and gratitude that we open the doors of the building that marks a key milestone on the journey towards this very ambitious goal.