Shalina Healthcare celebrated its 8th year anniversary in Central Africa Republic on 11th May’16.  This occasion was commemorated by CAR’s new Health Minister, Dr. Fernande Djengbot, along with a team of ten members from the Ministry of Health.  The celebrations took place in Shalina offices in Bangui.

Health Minister Dr. Fernande appreciated Shalina Healthcare for progressively contributing towards making Central Africa Republic a healthy Nation, by providing quality and affordable products. Before 2008, people could not afford basic healthcare due to the high price of medicines. Shalina Healthcare has built a reputation of delivering high quality and affordable medicines that are now available across all provinces of Central Africa Republic.

Shalina Healthcare is proud of our work in Central Africa Republic, where we work closely with local communities to help people live longer and healthier lives.  We will continue to work with dedication to ensure that the whole population continues to have access to quality medicines at a price they can afford.