Gregory Ameh Akpah, the Regional Manager- Abuja, is proud of Shalina’s new branch opening in Maiduguri, Nigeria. He feels that, “Given the economic condition of the country, there is always the need for effective and affordable medicine for the underprivileged”. Historically, the state of Borno in north-eastern Nigeria has suffered from extreme political and social unrest due to the Boko Haram insurgency.

Having spent 30 years in Maiduguri, before moving out due to the escalation of insurgency, Gregory is well versed with the dire need for quality & affordable medicines required by the people of Borno State. He believes that the introduction of Shalina products in the region will go a long way in improving the overall quality of health and living standards of the local communities

Previously, they would have had to travel great distances, to Kano, Onitsha or even Lagos for Shalina products. Shalina’s presence in Maiduguri has removed the strenuous challenge of accessibility; giving the brand the perfect opportunity to thrive. “Generally, there is a feeling of joy that the brand is now at their doorstep, even at this difficult time of security threats.”

“Even though we are still in the very early stages of introduction to the area, it is very promising, and we already have two channel distributors in Maiduguri. We are very optimistic and look forward to seeing the future growth of Shalina in the area, which has a population of close to 2 million people.”

At the moment, Shalina products are being introduced around Maiduguri to 225 medicine dealers, prominent health care practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics, where it is thought that anti-malarial, haematinics, anti-infectives and antacid medication will be the most necessary.

Gregory says his journey with Shalina has been an extremely rewarding one; both professionally and personally. He believes that working for Shalina is “not just a job, but a growth opportunity”. He feels a deep sense of ownership in his service and changing the lives of others.