Shalina Healthcare organized the first edition of Shalina Rising Stars 2021, an academic oriented initiative for resident doctors, in association with Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Accra, Ghana.

The objective of this program is to act as a knowledge sharing platform, to support and encourage upcoming Doctors to share their in-clinical experience.

More than 100 doctors have benefited from this program, by both attending physically and virtually. There was a quiz for junior doctors and case studies were presented by senior resident doctors. The case studies were presented from 6 different specialty departments (Respiratory, Derma, Cardio, Infectious diseases, Endocrine, Neuro), with a Q&A session held at the end of each presentation.

Leading local newspaper, The Daily Graphic, reported on the event, quoting the General Manager of Shalina Healthcare Ghana Limited, Mr Armit Pal Singh, saying “we want to strengthen our bonding and close association with the medical fraternity to improve the healthcare of Ghanians.”

Mr Singh told The Daily Graphic about how Shalina Healthcare intends to pass on knowledge to healthcare professionals through the Shalina Learning Centre in Accra and Kumasi by regularly inviting them to “share their knowledge and expertise”.

“As an Ethical pharmaceutical company, it is our responsibility and our goal to build a wide network of this kind of platform for the future,” Mr Singh added.

The Rising stars program is a unique academic oriented initiative in GHANA.

Share, Educate & Save Lives.