Malaria remains a major disease of public health impact in Sub-Sahara Africa. This webinar is delivered by an eminent panel covering various crucial aspects of malaria.

Prof. Ghosh (Former Head, ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research, India) has wonderfully summarized the measures and advances in malaria treatment, research, and elimination challenges with glocal perspectives. Prof. Mokuolu (Malaria Technical Director, NMEP, Nigeria) has put light on the relationship between malaria and anemia, pre-, during, and post-treatment. Dr. Ayongo (Vice-president, Society of Family Physicians of Ghana) emphasizes malaria-associated pregnancy risk and its management.

During times of health uncertainty, we remember how important the role of health professionals and health educators are in our society and Shalina Healthcare is at the forefront of making these topics accessible to all.

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